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These specimens are polished free forms of African Shattuckite, a rare
secondary Copper mineral originating from the Tantara Mine, Shinkolobwe Sector, Central Area, Shaba Copper Belt Region of the D.R. of Congo. The beautiful Blue Shattuckite is often found with the minerals Malachite, Ajoite, Cuprite, Silica Chrysocolla, and Dioptase.
Shattuckite promotes our inner strength and courage to deal with the stressful situations of life. It can help us to remember and process very large quantities of information.
Shattuckite is considered as a very spiritual stone and one that can help you to put into clear and concise words any physic visions and/or other worldly contacts that you may have seen or experienced. It does not facilitate the contact, but allows for precision in the communication after the contact has been accomplished. Shattuckite is extremely useful when channeling information from the spirit world and also offers protection from possession whilst you are channeling, allowing for the protection of the physical body against invasion. Shattuckite can also be used in shaping ones reality, providing for further growth in the direction of ones choice. It can increase and sharpen one’s higher intuitive powers.
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 Smoky Elestial 001
Smoky Elestial 001

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