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Moldavite only comes from the Czech Republic and Moravia,
Moldavite is a bottle-green translucent stone of unearthly origins.
Moldavite's chemistry is unique and as yet unexplained. Scientists are unsure about the exact origins or composition of moldavite. Scientists have classed these stones as tektites, which are silica based, or glassy meteorites. It is not considered to be a member of the mineral family. It is classed as a mineraloid gemstone, a member of the tektite family, with no classifiable crystal structure.
The Moldavite splash field is centered around Moldavia in former Czechoslovakia and they are believed to have come from a meteorite crater in Germany. Moldavites have been shown to be about 14.7 million years old. The sand pits near Besednice have produced specimens with the sharpest natural sculpturing.
Moldavite is one of the most powerful energy sources for new age metaphysical use, it enhances the energies of other crystals, activates communication with the higher self, allows one to access that which is necessary, brings the unexpected forward, it facilitates clear interdimentional connection between ones consciousness and the those in higher consciousness realms.
Moldavite is a stone of transformation, par excellence. Moldavite increases the depth and clarity of ones inner journey. Moldavite can be a very powerful aid for channeling, especially from inter-dimensional and extra-terrestrial sources .It is thought to be a magical stone that can be used for luck and the fulfillment of wishes. Moldavite activates all of the chakras & opens the mind to the limitless possibilities inherent in its cosmic origins. Moldavite can help to dissipate blocks throughout the energy system, aiding in opening the heart to universal love.
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Polished Clear Quartz Point 002

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